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Ambulance Donation III Strängnäs – Kalimpong Overland Expedition Sweden - India 2007


Team ”Ambulance Donation” (location Strängnäs)/Sweden donated 2004 two ambulances, medical- and school supplies to an area in Nepal on the foothill of the mighty Himalaya. One of the ambulances is today used as a mobile dental clinic and reaches the people in areas that never before have had any dental support.

2005 two ambulances were donated to Marocco. One of the ambulances is operating around the desert area in the South of Marocco. The other ambulance in the vicinity of the city FES.
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In both expeditions, the ambulances have been driven from Strängnäs-Sweden and handed over personally by the team members. The donation expedition relies on individual non-profit initiatives, as it will be in 2007.

Ambulance Donation 2007, to Kalimpong in the North East of India.

Kalimpong, with multi cultural elements from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India, is situated on 1250 m above sea level in the state of West Bengal. The city, with its 45000 inhabitants, is beautiful placed on the green slopes of Himalaya’s lower regions.  
This remotely situated place in the Northeast of India (close to the Borders of Tibet) is a poorly developed area with extensive poverty. The schools are simple without any facilities at all. The local hospitals lack modern technology and have very limited resources. Medical alert transportation is today limited, hence there are no ambulances available.

The receiver of the donation 2007 is Himalayan Organisation for Peoples’ Education (HOPE).
HOPE is a non political voluntary organisation working for social welfare in Kalimpong (district of Darjeeling in the Northeast of India). The organisation has it’s reside in Kalimpong, where it was founded 2003 (HOPE is registrated in the Social Welfare Council & NGO federation of India).

HOPE´s motto & ambition is among other things:
Improve social welfare in Kalimpong
Education for everyone    
Improve quality on drinking water
Militate against  youth unemployment
Support to orphaned kids, disabled and poor people
Preserve culture among ethnical minorities
Keep Kalimpong clean from plastic bags
Counter act against drugs, alcohol and smoking
Counter act against child labour, prostitution and ”trafficking”
Two ambulances shall now be driven to India and the expedition starts in Strängnäs 9th of June 2007.
The initiators is Kjell Borneland & Tina Höijer at Swed-Asia Travels in Strängnäs, both with many years of experience from India and knowledge aboout Kalimpong and the situation for the inhabitants.

The Swedish Ambulances will help the people in the mountain areas around Kalimpong to reach hospitals they never been able to reach before.
The people around Kalimpong will hopefully, thanks to the ambulance donation, get an improved quality of life!

We call for sponsors and support to the Ambulance Donation expedition 2007.
For voluntarily contribution, please contact Kjell Borneland: +46 (0)152-181 82, Bank Account: 5933 - 0811,

All the team members of the expedition are working non-profit and voluntary in the project. Any contribution is therefore thankfully received by all team members.

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