Mr BILAL AHMAD, our guide in Pakistan.


Mr. Bilal has been the key factor for the expedition’s success through Pakistan. As you might have read in our diary, we have traveled through dangerous areas close to the border of Afghanistan, over the mountains in the northern Pakistan, past roads partly flooded by the monsoon, escaped from falling rocks etc, etc. We’ve been lucky but the success has not only depended on fate.

Mr. Bilal owns the company Vista Tourism Management Services. A travel agency in the northern Pakistan specialized in arranging advanced tours such as tours for climbers (from all over the world) trying to reach the second highest peak in the world, K2.
Choosing Mr. Bilal as a guide for the expedition’s purposes was early decided in the planning phase of the expedition. Experiences from the expedition 2004 to Nepal, showed that having a local guide did not only help the expedition to find its way; it was also a matter of security.

Mr. Bilal traveled all the way from Islamabad to meet the expedition at the borderstation between Iran and Pakistan. After passing the Iranian part of the border control, Mr. Bilal helped us through a normally very complicated customs control. Mr. Bilal has ever since the border control supported the expedition by arranging hotels with highest security class, cooperating with the police forces making sure we were escorted through the most dangerous areas, cooperating with locals when ever needed, found the best way forward even though some parts of the road were flooded by the monsoon, made sure we had cold water available, ordered excellent dinners at the hotels, guided us through the country by describing the history and culture of Pakistan etc, etc.

It has been a pure pleasure to work with Mr. Bilal. Without Mr. Bilal we might not have made it through as great as we’ve done this time.

With all the Respect to Mr. Bilal from the Ambulance Donation Team 2007.

Multan 2007-06-28

Text Peder Söderström
Bild Jan-Olov Schröder


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